Branding & Identity

Build brand recognition with a well-executed identity system. The process begins with a consultation to find the brand voice then continues with the logo creation. A style guide built around the logo with color palettes, typography styles, supporting brand elements, photography, and other essential guidelines for brand usage follows.

Print Design

Whether the project is a billboard or business card, the scope is never too big or small for print assignments. With over 20 years of experience in print, I understand the impact of print communications. I focus on minimizing costly print mistakes by enabling automation and maximizing print quality by checking for commonly overlooked prepress errors.


A thousand words or just painting a picture with light, a photograph is a powerful tool in any communication. Either on-location or in-the-studio for product shots or headshots, I've got it covered with a complete kit of professional photography equipment, and photo editing capabilities to produce the imagery that compliments your creative communications.

Web Design & E-Commerce

The first impression of your business in today's digital culture is your website design. A site needs to be responsive to different devices and changing technologies. Optimized to make it discoverable among your competition. And secure for e-commerce sites that transmit sensitive data. Whether it's new site development, a redesign, expansion of site features, or just site maintenance, I'll work to meet your website or e-commerce goals using my experience with CMS and storefronts.

Social Media Content

Content marketing strategies are crucial to social media content. With research and analysis, creating a plan in-line with your mission, goals, and company voice is a vital step. Planning and implementing a content calendar builds regular readership and engagement with your brand. It's never a set it and forget it approach–regular audits are part of the social media content strategy.

Email Marketing

Email marketing can be effective and not spammy with clear designs and focused messaging. Creating campaigns for specific goals and measuring interest for additional information, means sending only timely, curated content to your intended audiences. I'll use A/B testing, analyzing clicks and opens, scheduling email frequency, segmenting lists by interest, and targeting leads with a call to action to create welcome messaging.


Nothing is more memorable than hand-drawn illustrations. When stock art doesn't communicate the individual authenticity of your brand, using custom-made illustrations is essential. Mood boards and concept sketches are created in the initial phase of the design process to visualize your story. Final drawings are delivered digitally in either raster or vector format.

Packaging & Dielines

That first impression with packaging is vital. Packaging needs to be impactful visually, differentiate your brand from the competition, and protect the product. Serialized or personalized artwork makes each piece one-of-a-kind and offers anti-counterfeiting security. Unique dielines will also make your product memorable among similar products. A shift to more responsible packaging with films or materials that are biodegradable, recyclable, and reusable is also meaningful.

Publishing Design

With the popularity of e-readers, publication design has become more than impressive cover art and appealing copy layouts. Accessibility and how a reader will consume the content are also vital to modern publishing practices. I'll work closely with self-publishing authors to meet the needs of their printers and distributors' specifications to create flexible formats.